This  story tells about my first night very, very close to my dreamcity New York. Everything began with the plan to make another travel to the States. This time not alone but also with my girlfriend and my brother. We found some cheap flights with Continental Airlines departing from Frankfurt/Main. The only thing I was worried about was that we had a transfer at Newark Int. Airport. Ok, I was lucky to come close to New York and maybe have the chance to get a look on Manhattan.  But on the other side I knew that Newark is a very busy airport and generally New York Airspace is very busy. So you have to expect delays. But we hoped that everything would be fine. Next problem: Due to a change of our booking we lost our seatreservation. Finally we had seats far in the back of the plane. By the way: We had a very nice B777 🙂 Hey, why is this a problem? You’ll see why soon! Now we are sitting in that plane looking forward to the USA. And we had to wait. A couple of Lufthansa-planes payed more or something 🙂 They were allowed to pass us and take off before us. So we lost the first minutes before we left the ground. Ah, due to that stupid change of our booking we also lost some transfer-time at Newark. Normally we had about 2,5 hours. Now we only got 1,5 hours. A very close-run thing.  About 8 Hours later we’ve arrived the New York Airspace. Our Captain was happy and gave us a call from the Flightdeck: Yeah, we had tailwind and we saved some time. So we were almost on schedule again. But then, a few minutes later, another call from the Flightdeck: We had to fly some holdings due to the traffic. Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac…..Slowly I became a little bit nervous. Another 15 minutes later we finally made a very rough, fast landing. Was the „best“ landing I’ve ever experienced. Ok, not everybody likes that. But I do 🙂 Then came the next message from that guy who was our Captain, and now he sounded very sad: ahem, Folks, seems ther is still a plane at our gate, so we have to wait until they have removed that plane. And now comes the problem with sitting in the rear-section of the plane: There are about 300 People in front of you, leaving that plane before you and, very important, the arrive before you at the Immigration-Hall. Very long Queues. And there is no fast way trough that. About an hour later we had the permit to stay in the USA. A few minutes later we grabbed our baggage and went to the exit. We haven’t tried to get our connecting flight to Minneapolis. We directly went to the Continetal-Airlines counter. And yes, our plane left a few minutes ago. What now? The smart woman behind the counter had the answer: The next flight departs tomorrow, 8:45am. Tomorrow? She really said tomorrow?? Well, we got vouchers for the hotel and for something to eat. And we got an address and also directions how to get there. Take the Skytrain to P4 and then the shuttle bus to the hotel. seems to be no problem. So we grabbed our stuff and found our way trough the Airport. Minutes later I sat in a bus driving on the Turnpike 🙂 After arriving at the hotel I went straight to the desk and explained the man behind that counter who we are. And what was the unexpected answer? Yes, they had no rooms free. Ok, what??? At the Airport they have sent us to this hotel and now they have no rooms? Not funny! In the Lounge we met a american couple. They missed their flight to Hongkong. And they had the same room-problem. We had to take the next shuttle bus to another Hotel. About 30 minutes later we were deep in New Jersey headed to a hotel in Rahway. There they had rooms for us and, more important, something to for diner. Then I made a very expensive call to my aunt in Minneapolis. 18 Dollars later she was informed about what happened and when she can pick us up at the Airport tomorrow. Now I know that I have a free phone call. Almost like in jail 🙂 After that we had a very good diner with a very nice service. Payed from Continental Airlines. So, this was my first missed flight ever and it was a big adventure for us. Really! Next day everything worked fine. We also had a great look from the Airport to the Skyline of Manhattan! 3 Hours later we have finally arrived at Minneapolis. A day later but with some new experiences.