Well, I decided to write now something in english.  My last real text in english is a while ago, so please overlook the biggest mistakes 🙂 But back to the real topic: Winter and why it can be so horrible where I live. I like the coldness and also I like snow. But both we almost never have here. Winter in germany means a chilly, wet fall until spring begins. Weather is joking with you here. Let’s take last saturday. A cloudy, wet day. Then late in the evening suddenly the sky opened it’s bulkheads and snow fell down to ground. A lot of snow. It took several minutes and all the streets have been white. Yeah, I’ve expected a very nice sunday with a lot of walking through white woods. But far wrong!! Early on sunday morning sky again opened every hole and guess what he brought? Yes, a lot of rain. All the day rain and temperatures above zero destroyed the white wonder. I wish we could get a wintertime like this: It starts to be cold and the snow comes. And then it stays very cold with wonderful blue days with a lot of ice and sun. And in February spring comes slowly back. But I can only dream about a winter like this. All we have is snowslush. So, if you need some, give me a call! We have enough of it.